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Environmental causes - ADHD Theory

This theory covers some of the causes of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is not an alternative ADHD theory, but rather a complimentary theory.

Psychology drifted towards focusing on biological-neurological aspects of mental states in the seventies, with pharmalogical cures. This drift intensified during the last ten to fifteen years. The result is that neurologically focused tunnel vision has prevented an open debate on the causes of ADHD.

The research papers I have scanned are with few exceptions, based on a limited assumption and are very narrowly focussed on a small aspect of the ADD condition. This leads to errors in the interpretations of results from badly designed research studies.

One example is the debate on food coloring and hyperactive behavior. A British study supports this claim, but the consensus still denies this, mainly because of a belief that neurotransmitters are the only answer. Another example is Aspartame, which can attention deficit symptoms according to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). This is by a statistical trick. If 1% of children in a study are allergic to Aspartame and there are 100 children in a study, and 1% show a response to Aspartame, then this is considered not statistically relevant. But for the children who react to Aspartame, there is a 100% response factor.

The majority of research studies are designed to study one or a few factors, but ADHD can be caused my many environmental, genetic and developmental factors, which cannot be picked up in these relatively simple research projects. The reserchers are looking for one cause of one disorder, while ADHD is mostly a limited range of symptoms from many causes, none of which influence 100% of a studied group of children.

We all have a unique metabolism. We react to what we eat differently. Some people cannot have an afternoon cup of coffee or they will stay awke at night, while others can go to Starbucks for their nightcap. Some people can eat chocolates without putting on weight, while most of us need to restrict our diet of chocolate. Some people have a chocolate allergy and show ADHD symptoms from chocolate.

Among the environmental factors that cause ADHD like symptoms are insecticides, herbicides, household cleaners, manganese, mercury, aluminium, monosodium glutamate, dust mites, fungus infection, as well as from many allergies.

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