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The Best ADHD Natural Remedies and Treatments

People with ADHD can excel if they find their niche in life.

What is the best remedy for ADHD (Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder)? If we are to cure attention deficit or hyperactivity we need to deal with the cause. Medicating to suppress symptoms gives relief for a few hours, but leaves the underlying condition unchanged, ready to pop back as soon as the medication wears off.

Nice for a while, but has to be repeated day after day, month after month and year after year.

Each of us is an individual with our individual personality, metabolism and genetic makeup. That is why doctors continuously have to adjust the ADHD medication and dosage.

The optimum medication and dosage changes over time as well.

There is no doctor on earth who can predict what is right for just you or your child at this moment. This is trial and error with hindsight. Trial and error is not science; it is guesswork based on statistics. If you are not within a statistical average, then the doctor will be wrong. If you have ADHD you are already outside of the “normal” population’s statistical average to start with.

This is a controversial topic. The pressure to give stimulant medication to children with ADHD like symptoms as the only treatment is not a pharmaceutical industry conspiracy as much as vested interests working together.

There are natural ADHD remedies which are as effective as medication, but allow the body to regulate itself naturally, instead of neurotransmitters being manipulated through stimulant drugs.

Things we can agree on with ADHD Medication

We can all agree that stimulant drugs do help dampen hyperactive behavior and help some, but not all, children to focus at school. For some aggressive children, as those with Conduct Disorder, stimulant medication worsens the symptoms.

We can also all agree that the drugs are short lived and when the drug effect wears off, the hyperactivity and attention problems are back unchanged.

There are also side effects, which are specific to an individual, and which side effect, if any, an individual will experience is not predictable either. That again is only discovered with hindsight.

Can we then agree that while the meds do help for a time, a matter of hours, they do not cure the underlying cause of the ADHD behavior? ADHD medication controls symptoms for a few hours and does nothing else.

Treating ADD and ADHD

How we approach and treat attention deficit and hyperactivity is therefore an individual thing, where we need to do our own due diligence in choosing a doctor or specialist understanding the complexities to guide us in treatment or remedy strategies. Blind trust is not a good idea when dealing with drugs as powerful as these.

Blind trust includes trusting a doctor who trusts a textbook read at medical school, which described a condition in simplified and general terms, and believing promotional brochures from pharmaceutical companies. ADHD is complex and variable condition that needs an individual approach. A doctor to rely on is one who actually knows the subject.

This site aims to help you find the right way for you or your child. There are many natural medication and alternative remedies to treat hyperactive behavior.

There is no secret by now that on this site we recommend curing the ADHD instead of masking the symptoms for a few hours at school.

There are natural products that are as effective as the conventional stimulant drugs. The best among these products are:

  • Attend (for attention difficulties)
  • Memorin (for memory and clear thinking)
  • Extress (for natural stress relief)

These products have been scientifically tested and proved as effective as the stimulants, but without side effects, they work 24/7, and do not disturb sleep.

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