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Natural ADHD Remedies

Does your child, or you, have a mind racing anywhere, except here and now, and is easily distractable? Are there other times when your child, or you, is absolutely absorbed in some activity? How can your child, or you, suffer from a genetic, neurological disorder that prevents concentration and focus, yet be able to super focus, or hyperfocus as it is also called?

There is more to ADHD than we read in the press or even in the scientific literature.

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) risk not reaching their potential in their academic, social and emotional development. There are a number of reasons for this and over 101 reasons for ADHD behavior none of which is the true ADHD personality.

One of the descriptions of ADHD is a developmental disorder. This is one of the over 100 causes of attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms. Children are put into classes based on chronological age. There is no standard development in childhood. Children develop at different rates in different phases of their childhood. Just look at a class of 14 year olds. All are 14, some look like 12 year olds; others look like 16 year olds, yet within a few years they all look like 18 year olds. Emotional development follows the same pattern. This is why some hyperactive kids calm down after they turn 18. These children never had a genetic, neurological disorder in the first place.

The pressures children face in school are greater than we older folks experienced a couple of generations back. Some of the hyperactivity, distractibility and inattentiveness is a combination of putting all children under unnecessary expectations without a break. In the adult world, a person can be sick and come back to where they left off. Children at school do not have that luxury.

Is true ADHD really a disorder? Some of the greatest personalities in science, literature, music, art and philosophy were then suffering from a disorder. The flipside of the disorder is talent, giftedness, enthusiasm and passion.

Medicate away the disorder and with it goes the talent. ADHD medication is great in making boring work interesting and fidgety schoolchildren sit still, but it blunts the soul. Natural alternative cures for ADHD take away the attention deficit, but keeps the zestful personality.

There are natural products that are as effective as the conventional stimulant drugs in controlling attention deficit. The best among these products are:

  • Attend (for attention difficulties)
  • Memorin (for memory and clear thinking)
  • Extress (for natural stress relief)

These products have been scientifically tested and proved as effective as the stimulants, but without side effects, they work 24/7, and do not disturb sleep.

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A child suffering from depression or anxiety does not have that condition respected in the same way an adult is, and allowed to recover. The child is often left to deal with it in any way they can cope. Many times the coping mechanism is bad behavior.

Then there are the true ADHD children. They have a differently wired brain than the Average child. The disorder is that the school system is designed for the average pupil and attempts to force all children to be likewise average. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and many more geniuses and entrepreneurs struggled at school. They did not have a “disorder” they were merely different. But they found success in adult life, because they were different.

The child with this so called “genetic, developmental, neurological disorder” is easily bored. Actually boredom intolerance seems to be the main difference between the true “ADHD individual” and the “average person.” Understanding this has been one of the major insights I had to understanding myself and preventing me from making the type of mistakes I made before I knew I was an attention deficit/hyperfocussing personality.

After being diagnosed myself, I have spent a couple of years studying research on ADHD and seen a few patterns repeated.

I still have not found true “ADHD” to be a disorder. Different yes, but apart from labelling ad nauseum, I have not seen a reason to label this a disorder. A few generations ago, being left-handed was considered a “disorder” to be trained away. A left-handed person is genetically and neurologically different to a right-handed person. Is that a disorder?

There are many real disorders that result in the symptoms describing ADD/ADHD. These other disorders are lumped together in the ADHD label. There are enough indices that those other disorders are not, in fact, what is commonly called ADHD.

Peer review scientific papers can be written and accepted by people who do not understand the English language and are too lazy to use a dictionary to find the meaning of words they do not understand. In many scientific articles I have read within the first few sentences attention deficit described as a disease or a sickness.

That is totally wrong. But there are diseases and sicknesses, which have as symptoms an inattentive or a hyperactive behavior pattern. But those diseases and sicknesses are not what the scientists mean when they refer to “ADHD.”

Peer review scientific literature is also full of “proof” that the ADHD stimulant medication is the “cure” for AD HD. That is a lie. Once again there is a problem with understanding English vocabulary.

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There is a 100% proof that Ritalin, Adderall, Strattera, etc. do not “cure” attention deficit and hyperactivity. Every person suffering under the physicians and is taking these stimulant drugs is the same the next morning as s/he was the morning before, and the morning before that.

A cure means that one does not need to take it again. A cure means a recovery or relief from a disease.

Some attention deficit people, but not all, do think clearer, more focussed and are able to concentrate when on these drugs.

Some hyperactive children, but not all, get calmer and lose their hyperactivity when on these drugs.

ADHD stimulant drugs, we are assured, do not cause addiction. While that is true when referring to a physical addiction like heroin, the question remains for psychological addiction.

If somebody cannot live and function without a drug, surely that is addiction. Or? There are millions of people taking these drugs daily who wax lyrical about the benefits of their drug of choice, but as long as they cannot think about getting off it they are hooked. Also they get to varying degrees of agro when it is suggested that it might not be good in the long run. The types of reaction are similar to people who are hooked on some form of drug.

I approached the experts on this subject, some drug addicts who abuse these stimulant drugs. When I showed them the scientific “evidence” that these drugs are not addictive, they roared with laughter at the “stupid” academics. Comments, “What do they know?” and “They obviously don’t know as much as they think they do?”

The abuse of statistics in the majority of ADHD scientific articles is embarrassing. They get results, and prove many things, but miss the core of the subject. This is mainly due to starting out with the unsubstantiated presuppositional assumption that ADHD is a disorder, disease or a sickness.

Where are the studies, that balance the negative “disorder” with the positive gifted and talented flip side of the ADHD coin?

Successful scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, actors and actresses with ADHD are successful because they have some neurologically different brain wiring.

That is why ADHD Health presents remedies for the weaknesses we ADDers have, so that we can reach our full potential. These are three main types of natural ADHD remedies. Which is most suitable? We ADHDers are individuals and each of us needs to find our personal ADHD solution or blend of solutions.

The three main types of ADHD natural remedies are:

  1. Food and diet, which includes supplements because people with attention deficit seem to have a different metabolism. What comes first, ADHD symptoms because there is a nutrient, mineral or vitamin deficiency, or is the a mineral deficiency caused by our ADHD metabolism. One such deficiency is antioxidants. An example of a balanced antioxidant supplement is the Doctor's Choice Antioxidants.
  2. Coping strategies with tips and tricks fron ADD coaches. Most of the coaches have attention deficit and/or hyperactive personalities themselves.
  3. Exercises and training, both physical and computerized, to rewire the brain. These methods tend to dampen the negative side of attention deficit, but retain the positive aspects.

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