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ADHD Treatment Paradigm Shift

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a complex and controversial condition, with no clear scientific consensus. There are different groupings of scientists who interpret the facts in various ways, and hence the differences of opinions.

These are exciting times in ADHD treatment concepts. We are seeing an ADHD treatment paradigm shift taking place. An important sign of this was the release at the end of November 2009, of treatment guidelines by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the National Health and Medical Research Council. Non-pharmacological approaches to treating children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are recommended as the first choice of treatment. They recommend a “multimodal” approach to treatment. That is a more holistic treatment. This would include parental education, psychosocial strategies, Behavioral management, changes in nutrition and educational support.

According to the new guidelines, medications should never be used as first-line treatment for ADHD in preschool-aged children The old guidelines stated: “medication should be considered for all children with ADHD.”

The new guidelines on the other hand say:

  • Not all people with ADHD require pharmacological management
  • Non-pharmacological approaches should be considered first
  • Medications should only be used when symptoms are pervasive across settings (school and home) and cause significant impairment
  • Medication should not be used as first-line treatment for ADHD in preschool-aged children

The Australian Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon said, “We are pleased we can finally provide this more up to date information on ways to identify and care for those in our community who may be suffering from ADHD.”

Big Pharma has long touted stimulant drugs as safe medication, but with their newest drug INTUNIV, Shire has taken a step away from controlled substances and is trying to market it as a more natural alternative to the competition. INTUNIV is definitely an advance in ADHD medication. It has a 13 hour effective time limit, which means one dose in the morning lasts till the evening.

Interesting is the admission on the main INTUNIV site that their scientists do not really know how it works. This is a wonderful sign of honesty in the industry. The brain is still a mystery, because in spite of all we know, there is so much more we do not understand about the brain and the mind. INTUNIV, it is said, is believed to work differently than many other ADHD medications.

There are other products ahead of Shire’s research and development team. These work as well as, or better than the conventional stimulant drugs, but without side effects, which even INTUNIV has its share of.

safer still, are natural products for treating ADD and ADHD which have been with us for many years and have shown their efficacy, such as:

  • Attend (for attention difficulties)
  • Memorex (for memory and clear thinking)
  • Extress (for natural stress relief)

These natural brain food products have been scientifically tested and proved as effective as the stimulants, have no side effects, work 24/7, and do not disturb sleep. They also cost a fraction of the price of stimulants.

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