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Adult ADHD Book Review

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) also called Hyperkinetic Disorder and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are conditions increasingly diagnosed in the industrial western world during the last two decades.

The hype around the term disorder gives the impression that this is a sickness. The behaviors are real, the conditions are real. The problems for the folks with ADHD, their spouses, parents, family and their friends are real. However this is not a sickness. It is part of the natural diversity within humanity.

There are millions of American adults, who like me live their life unaware that they have Adult ADHD. They tend to be impulsive, easily distracted, maybe even job-hopping and generally frustrated with life. Many of them have had difficulties with their relationships, and have experienced problems with being organised and keeping times.

Ron Weckerly discovered he had ADHD when he was fifty years old. I was 58 when I was diagnosed with attention deficit, so I felt an immediate “bond” when I came across Ron Weckerly’s book, Poems, Pathways and Peace: A Baby Boomer's Journey With ADHD. He was been labelled as a child as “retarded” and failed at school, and as as an adult, abused alcohol and had two failed marriages.

Probably the main reason for attention deficit people to fail is comparing themselves with “normal” people and trying to be “normal.” For Ron Weckerly discovering he had ADHD opened the world for him. He realized there was a reason for his unexplained behaviors, and his life started to change for the better. Ron transformed his life by recognizing that he possessed several positive traits, including out-of-box thinking, a sense of humor and an unusually strong intuition. To overcome his weaknesses, he utilized his strengths.

He discovered there is a flip side to adults who have ADHD: they may be gifted, intuitive and generous to a fault and full of energy. His journey in self-discovery is described in Poems, Pathways and Peace: A Baby Boomer’s Journey with ADHD.

When I found out I had ADHD I could not reconcile this attention deficit disorder with my own experience, as I have an ability to focus and get absorbed in a problem in a way normal folks cannot. I had these symptoms, but I also had the opposite. This led me on my own journey of self-discovery during which I also discovered that ADHD folks have special strengths, such as my ability to hyperfocus. This paradox with the ADHD personality led me to start this site.

Ron Weckerly’s 227 pages long book, Poems, Pathways and Peace: A Baby Boomer's Journey With ADHD is a must is for readers who believe they or a family member or a friend may have undiagnosed ADHD or feeling hat their attention deficit is a curse. Ron’s message is simple: get help as soon as you can before the negative traits become major disorders that can ruin your life. Concentrate on your strengths and you can break free.

Einstein, Isaac Newton, the entrepreneur Richard Branson, and the many actors, scientists, authors and artists with ADHD show that living with ADHD can be a success. This is a positive and encouraging book.

If you or someone in your family has attention deficit, hyperactive or impulsivity problems, try a natural route with ADHD natural remedies as a first step. For the next step, developing strategies with the help of an ADHD coach.

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