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My name is Charles Wilson. I am first and foremost a husband to my dear wife and the proud father of our wonderful children.

My academic background is in organic chemistry. I have worked in managerial positions in multinational chemical companies, including a pharmaceutical company.

Late in my life I discovered I have adult ADHD. I didn't know I had a disorder as I developed my talents and delegated my weaknesses to someone else.

There are numerous conditions, pschological and physiological, that result in the ADHD/ADD symptoms. That is not ADHD, but the conditions causing the symptoms.

True ADHD is an attention deficit hyperfocussing personality.

The disorder for true ADHD arises when we try to be “normal.”

One problem with ADHD psychiatrists is not defining what “normal” is. They confuse normal with average. Average is a part of normal. Normal encompasses a wider range than average.

ADHD can be compared to IQ. Average is an IQ between 85 and 115. That is within the normal range.

16% of the population have an IQ greater than 115, those people are not average, but they are still normal. They do not have a disorder, even though some highly intelligent people suffer because other people do not understand them.

16% of the population have an IQ less than 85. Most of them are normal, even though they are not average.

The line between normal and having a disorder is not clear. It depends on the culture and lifestyle if their lower IQ is a disability or not. A person with a low IQ can be an incredibly tallented person, such as being an artist, or good at handicraft. These are tallents that a MENSA professor in quantum physics could be envious of.

There is a small percent of the population that have a serious ADHD problem, but for the rest of us the answer lies in understanding ourselves and adapting our life choices, our lifestyles, and our career choices to match our personality.

So now I write about ADHD from a different perspective than seen on most other ADHD web sites, and I also write about other subjects that interest me, such as politics.

I will attempt to give an objective overview of the subjects I cover, but I do have opinions and a strong belief that we should strive towards truth and justice in our everyday social interactions.